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"The Streetcars of New Orleans 1964-Present" by Earl W. Hampton, Jr. is essential for anyone interested in public transportation. It continues the fascinating story of New Orleans streetcars told in the original Hennick and Charlton volume "The Streetcars of New Orleans." Earl is a bigger trolley fan than I am, and the book reflects this love for the genre. Good coverage from 1964 to 2008 includes the demise and return of the Canal streetcar line, specialty cars (like 29 and 453), the new Riverfront line, and of course our favorite St. Charles streetcar. The wealth of excellent photographs from Earl and others takes me back home to New Orleans. If you would like a signed copy of "The Streetcars of New Orleans 1964-Present", you can contact Earl at ewhjr904-@-yahoo-.-com (take out the hyphens to make it a standard email address). It's just $27 including shipping.

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