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Inspired by The Beatles' song "Magical Mystery Tour," my mystery trips (including excursions, charters, and vacations) are photographic journeys in which the details work out en route. When I go on a trip, I will take pictures of anything that interests me, even if it is off topic for a group I may accompany. This category may also include photographs taken by others.

Oldest pages were written using Simple Gallery picture viewer, which takes longer to load before being usable. These are described as "slideshow" in the links below. Newer pages (and selected older ones) are written with the FancyBox viewer accessible through thumbs.

Pictures since December 2017 display the website file name on the bottom. My watermark continues to be displayed, usually at the top, occasionally at the bottom.

Effective August 4, 2019, the mystery trips have been divided into individual years or groups of years. Use the navigation buttons above and below to access those pages.