GMC 792 (T8H5305A):

GMC 792 to Inverness on Fremont St. at Transbay Terminal in September 1994.

GMC 800 (T8H5305A):

GMC 800 marked for route 48 is on Van Ness Avenue in September 1991.

GMC 907 (T8H5307A):

GMC 907 at Bridgeway and Anchor St./Tracy Way in Sausalito on June 25, 1978. It's en route to San Anselmo on what appears to be route 20. Scan of a slide in my collection added 08/28/12.

GMC 854 (T8H5307A):

Please visit the separate page for 854.

GMC 812 (T8H5305A):

GMC 812, preserved by Golden Gate Transit, in the Eighth and Harrison Sts. garage in San Francisco on October 3, 2006.

GMC 812 at Golden Gate Transit's San Rafael division on January 17, 2010. This bus is marked as GGT's 25th anniversary coach.