M-A-N 100:

M-A-N 100 at Julia and South Rampart Sts. in April 1991.

M-A-N 113:

M-A-N 113 with RTS 593 on route 16 at the So. Claiborne terminal, February 1996.

M-A-N 119:

M-A-N 119 on the 90 Carrollton line at Palmer Park, So. Carrollton at So. Claiborne, in December 1990.

M-A-N 775:

M-A-N 775 on the Tulane line is waiting for car 933 to clear the U-turn so the bus can return to the CBD. This slide was taken March 19, 1986 and is copyrighted 2015 by Peter Ehrlich and is used here with his permission. One photo added 01/23/14.

M-A-N 784:

M-A-N 784 on the 41 Canal Lakeshore at Carondelet/Bourbon in June 1990.

M-A-N 789:

A January 1986 RTA System RideGuide has a picture of M-A-N 787 at Armstrong Park with jazz musicians and mascot R.T. Gator, who didn't last too long. One photo added 05/30/11.

M-A-N 789:

M-A-N 789 is signed "Merry Christmas" and seen in the Central Business District.

M-A-N 818:

M-A-N 818 on 32 Leonidas passes Carrollton Station on Willow St. in March 1997. Two photos added 03/14/11.

M-A-N 835:

M-A-N 835 on route 16 at the South Claiborne terminal at South Carrollton in December 1990.

M-A-N 839:

M-A-N 839 on route 14 Jackson advertises Treasure Chest Casino in Kenner. Canal and Baronne Sts., February 19, 1996.

M-A-N 840:

M-A-N 840 outbound at Canal and Royal Sts. in a slide from my collection dated July 1992. One photo added 08/29/14.

M-A-N 862:

M-A-N 862 on the 42 Canal Cemeteries line in the neutral ground busway in December 1991.

M-A-N 886:

M-A-N 886 at Canal and Elk Place is signed "Merry Christmas."

M-A-N 896:

M-A-N 896 passes Jackson Square on Decatur St. in June 1990.


An unknown number M-A-N coach in Radiofone ad wrapping is at S. Carrollton and Julia on February 19, 1996.