MARMON 1352:

Marmon 1352 on the Freret trolley coach line turns at Canal St. and St. Charles Ave. on an unspecified date. Overhead wiring shows the positive single wire of the St. Charles streetcar feeding into the right hand wire of the trolley coach pair. There was a reverser that switched positive and negative feeds before and after the wires met, because TCs normally ran with positive current on the left and negative on the right. Photo by H.J. Leinbach from the collection of H. George Friedman added 07/25/12.

MARMON 1358:

Marmon 1358 on the Broadway trolley coach line outbound at Broadway and St. Charles Ave. on November 26, 1964. Slide from my collection added 10/22/14.

MARMON 1360:

Marmon 1360 at the Magazine trolley coach terminal at Audubon Park on an undetermined date. Magazine and Broadway coaches did their layovers here. Photo from the H. George Friedman collection added 12/23/13.

MARMON 1362:

Marmon 1362 on the Magazine trolley coach line downtown bound at Magazine and Octavia Sts. on November 28, 1964 in a scan of a slide from my collection. At left is T. Zoller Tailor and Mark's Barber Shop, at right are drinking establishments and markets. In particular, Vaccaro's Seafood Market & Grocery has a pickup truck parked in front with a sign that advertises frog legs, crabs, shrimp, crayfish (interesting spelling for New Orleans), and rabbits. Signs for Busch Bavarian Beer, Budweiser Beer, Falstaff Beer, and Barq's Root Beer are visible. In the distance is the peak of the roof of Arabella Station, where these trolleys were housed. Another coach can just be seen in the further distance at right. Three photos added 12/09/12.

MARMON 1364:

Marmon 1364 on run 46 (the numeric indicators in the headsign were never used for route numbers) of St. Claude to Lizardi at North Rampart and Canal Sts. on an undetermined date. Lizardi was a short turn of coaches once they crossed the Industrial Canal drawbridge on St. Claude; I believe the turnback was designed to meet Barracks feeder buses. Scan of a duplicate slide by Thompson Productions (commercial rights reserved) added 12/23/13.

Marmon 1364 on the Jackson line upbound at Baronne and St. Joseph Sts. (Howard Ave.) on November 28, 1964. Two tracks lead into the foreground of the slide; these used to carry the St. Charles and Tulane Belts until 1952 and were still used for emergency reroutes for many years. There's also a track turning right onto outbound Howard Avenue; the Jackson streetcar used this to reach Dryades St. (now O'Keefe Ave.). One photo added 03/22/14.


The chief focus of this slide of indeterminate date is the American Sugar Refinery (Domino Sugar) in Arabi. The inclusion of the slide on this page, however, concentrates on the Marmon TC-48 trolley coach (1342-1380 series) on the loop of the St. Claude line. Overhead wiring is visible as is the aluminum painted roof of the bus. Two photos from a slide in my collection added 03/30/13.