Number 29 (original number unknown) was built by American Car Co. in 1896 or 1897 for the Canal & Claiborne Railroad Co. It is one of the first to bear the design made famous by Ford, Bacon & Davis (FB&D). By the 1930s, New Orleans Public Service Inc. converted the streetcar to a rail grinder. As such it sees present (2012) use for cleaning and polishing the tracks on all lines of the Regional Transit Authority. My thanks to Earl Hampton, Jr. and H. George Friedman for the use of their photos.


Two Earl W. Hampton, Jr. photos of car 29 during the NOPSI era show white stripes on the dash.

Car 29 at St. Charles and Louisiana Aves. in December 1991. The original RTA logo is visible, no dash stripes.

Car 29 with SEPTA PCC 2166 at Carrollton Station on March 11, 1995. Photo by Robert Bullermann, H. George Friedman collection, added 12/19/11.

Earl W. Hampton, Jr. sent me these two February 2005 photos showing the rebuilt car 29 after a fire damaged it. Dash has white stripe around the edge similar to the St. Charles cars.

Car 29 on North Carrollton. Earl Hampton Jr. photo.

I was near Carrollton Station on October 5, 2011 when I spotted car 29 being switched from one track to another. These shots are the result. Seven photos added 10/10/11.