Car 952 was originally delivered to New Orleans Public Service Inc. in 1924. When NOPSI discontinued the Canal streetcar line, 952 was sold to the Chattanooga Choo Choo resort. There it operated in a yellow livery on a short segment of track. The Regional Transit Authority brought it back to New Orleans for the new Riverfront Line, which opened in 1988. It was repainted red with yellow trim and renumbered 456. Muni negotiated with the RTA to swap retired cable car 59 (in O'Farrell, Jones & Hyde livery) for 456, which was restored by RTA back to original number 952. The car retained the original roof ventilators and two person crew configuration, but was painted to match the 1990s redesign of the St. Charles cars.

It premiered in San Francisco in September 1998. Because it has only two motors (instead of the four that many San Francisco streetcars have for climbing hills), it is run in short-turn service on relatively level terrain (Embarcadero). Pull-out and pull-in runs require a running start on some of the hillier portions of Church and Market Streets. The car retains the original two-man configuration. Although it is a double-ended streetcar, it is usually operated from one end. As with all historic cars in regular service, 952 carries a ramp allowing accessibility for a wheelchair on one of the boarding platforms.


Car 952 on the Canal line at the river terminal in March 1960. One photo, unknown photographer, from the collection of H. George Friedman added 06/05/16.


Car 952 on the Canal line inbound at Carondelet St. in September 1963. I like the advertisement for Lay's Potato Chips ahead of the entrance door. The D.H. Holmes department store is in the background. H. George Friedman collection. One photo added 05/30/12.


Here's a 3/4 shot of car 952 in Chattanooga in a slide processed January 1974. My collection. One photo added 05/29/12.


Car 456 at the Julia St. station of the Riverfront streetcar line in March 1997. I'm in the first photo, and my friend Julius is in the second. Four photos added 05/30/12.


Car 952 at the Ferry Plaza on October 7, 2000.


Car 952 on lower Market Street on April 12, 2005.

Car 952 at the Ferry Plaza on April 12, 2005.

Car 952 at Market and Steuart Streets on April 12, 2005.


Car 952 on Market at Sutter Sts. on June 26, 2006. It passed an overhead lines truck making a trolley coach wire repair. Note the short turn dash sign for Van Ness (11th Street).

Car 952 at Pier 39 on June 26, 2006.

Car 952 at Jefferson and Jones waits for other streetcars to move forward through the terminal. Note the horse drawn carriage (like New Orleans!) in the second photo and the overhead lines truck in the third and fourth photos. June 26, 2006.

Car 952 turns from the Jones Street terminal in photos taken on the accessible ramp, June 26, 2006.

Car 952 at Fishermans Wharf (Jefferson and Mason, Jones and Beach) on August 22, 2006. The streetcar was operating a short turn between the Wharf and the Ferries this day, as indicated by the dash sign.

A self-portrait aboard car 952 on August 24, 2006. I'm wearing an official hat.

Car 952 at the Ferry Plaza on August 23, 2006. The car just discharged and will loop via Don Chee Way, Steuart Street, and Mission Street to return to the Wharf.

As car 952 departs the Ferry Plaza, Baylink MCI BL28 arrives at the Ferry Building to take on passengers to Vallejo.

Car 952 on Market at Fremont/First Sts. on August 23, 2006. It's heading for Geneva Yard via the regular Market Street route, last stop Noe and 17th Sts.

Car 952 at San Jose and Geneva Aves. I just alighted from the M-Ocean View Metro streetcar and was surprised to see 952 pull up.

Car 952 at San Jose and Geneva Aves. pulling into the yard. August 22, 2006. Breda 1544, looping out to begin a downtown run on M-Ocean View, had to reverse to accomodate 952's pull-in.


Car 952 begins another trip from the Ferry Plaza to Fishermans Wharf on May 10, 2009. Four photos added 05/10/09.

Car 952 leaves the Ferry Plaza stop to loop around for its layover on Embarcadero between Mission St. and Don Chee Way on May 10, 2009. Four photos added 05/10/09.


Car 952 at Pier 39 on September 17, 2010. Fifteen photos added 07/12/11.

Car 952 at Market and Drumm Sts. on September 17, 2010. Eight photos added 07/12/11.