Gillig 9760 in downtown San Jose (Market and Santa Clara Sts.) on March 9, 2010.


Gillig 9761 on Miramonte leaving Fremont, March 30, 2004. This is a tripper run of the 51 line from St. Francis High School to Moffett Field.

Gillig 9761 broke down at Lawrence Square on March 29, 2006. Engine compartment door is open in first photo, "Sorry -- Out Of Service" is on destination sign in second photo.

Under its own power, 9761 was driven onto the flatbed of this Sunnyvale Towing wrecker to be hauled back to its coach terminal. March 29, 2006.

Gillig 9761 in Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who ad wrap on route 53 at DeAnza and Rainbow in Cupertino on February 25, 2008.

The other side of Gillig 9761's Horton Hears a Who ad wrap. DeAnza and Rainbow, February 27, 2008.

Gillig 9761 on route 22 eastbound at El Camino Real and Showers Dr. in Los Altos on February 24, 2014. Two photos added 03/26/14.


Gillig 9762 on the former route 20 at California St. and Rengstorff Ave. eastbound in March 1998.

Gillig 9762 on route 23 at Miramonte near Fremont on March 7, 2005.

Gillig 9762 operates on the peak-hour route 101 at Lawrence and Prospect on April 3, 2006.


Gillig 9764 on Christmas Day 1999 is displaying the appropriate message. VTA did not scroll its electronic signs from the holiday sentiment to the route information until January 2005, and replaced Merry Christmas with Happy Holidays soon after. Patrons had to rely either on the neon route number card (35) or the blue route sign placed in the curbside windshield in case of sign failure. Showers and El Camino in Mountain View, in the days when short-turn route 35 buses looped San Antonio Shopping Center counterclockwise to return to Palo Alto.

Gillig 9764 on route 55 at Miramonte and Fremont Aves. in Loyola Corners, Los Altos on September 17, 2004.

Gillig 9764 on route 55 at Maude and Sunnyvale Avenues on July 23, 2009.